Choosing a Farm Utility Vehicle

Farm utility vehicles, also regarded as cargo all-terrain vehicles (CATV), or simply, “utes,” are the latest “must have” item for family farmers, ranchers and growers. Just to mention how creative people can get with what they use for farming routine, let me recall how I once saw golf cars being...

Best harvesting tractors for farms

As the summer approaches fast, the ultimate list of the best agricultural and farming tractors for the harvest makes total sense. We've based all these suggestions on our vast experience of work with small, independent farming communities, which are always in a dire need of specialty machinery and who know...

9370R — 370 engine horsepower Tractor

The needs of small-scale farmers and ranchers are as diverse as their routine operations are. Tractors can perform a whole range of miscellaneous functions. The only straightforward disadvantage they have is that they are big and slow, and thus overkill for many jobs in the field...

5075GN-5075GV — 75 hp (55 kW) Tractor

Pickup trucks can’t get in and out of tight places. ATVs are quick and swift but limited in terms of how much they can carry. Mike Henline, spokesman for the "Bobcat" farming vehicles manufacturing company, says their new “Toolcat” work machine is based on what people told them they want...

GH33 Front-end Loader

In fact, there are so many additional accessories and customizing opportunities, that the greatest challenge in enhancing these utility vehicles may be narrowing choices to the most basic features you really need.

4M Tractor — 140 to 175 hp

Diesel units have an increased power, much more longevity and are easier to maintain. The diesel engine’s fuel injection system eliminates the need for tune-ups and spark plugs, and the unit generally works longer. “

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