5075GN-5075GV — 75 hp (55 kW) Tractor

Pickup trucks can’t get in and out of tight places. ATVs are quick and swift but limited in terms of how much they can carry. Mike Henline, spokesman for the "Bobcat" farming vehicles manufacturing company, says their new “Toolcat” work machine is based on what people told them they want...

4M Tractor — 140 to 175 hp

Diesel units have an increased power, much more longevity and are easier to maintain. The diesel engine’s fuel injection system eliminates the need for tune-ups and spark plugs, and the unit generally works longer. “

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This is definitely a good option for those farmers, who need to carry up to a few thousand pounds in a payload… The balance that the two extra wheels add up to how the vehicle drives on a terrain will make it a perfect high-load worker…

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